Where Is Open Task Manager In Windows 10?

Windows is the best computer operating system in the world. We are using Windows because it had a very good multitasking speed. However, when running a lot of programs at one time. When allocating the workload to the RAM, the efficiency is high, some running programs do not respond. For non-replicable programs, use the task manager in Windows to remove them and make the rest of the program easier to run. Read this article after you can learn how to open task manager in windows 10.

We have many ways to open the task manger.

  • Using Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • From the Taskbar.
  • Using the Run tool.
  • Command Prompt.

With these things considered, here is the list of ways to quickly open a task manager option.

1) How to open task manager with keyboard shortcuts?

There are a lot of shortcuts in Windows. Why are there many more shortcuts? – Windows is a huge process and users Designed to be very accessible.

you have more programs ruining now Use these Shortcut to open task manager

Steps 1

  • Press key “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” buttons at one time.
  • Now you will see ruining program list in the task manager table.
  • Just select the program you want to terminate.
open task manager windows in 10
  • You can see “end task” Just click and close the table.

Step 2

  • use this buttons ” Ctrl + Alt + delete(del)”
  • Now you will see the task manager with windows security options on the blue screen, which is different from the step 1 interface?
open task manager windows in 10
  • Click the task manager and you can get a task manager overview.
  • Just again select you to need to close the program and end the task.

The above two shortcuts are used by many peoples. If you have a problem with your keyboard keys, use this ” Win + X “.

Use these shortcuts and you can save your time and get task manager options instantly .

2) Open Task Manager With Quick Access Taskbar

  • Go to Quick access taskbar(QAT) and Right Click on it.
  • Now you need to find a task manager in the list of the bottom.
open task manager windows in 10
  • Again you must will see the task manager table. Tap your ending/not responding programs and click end task.

3) How Can Open Task Manager With The Run Tool?

The run tool is the best way to find out windows hiding features. You can get help to open the task manager using one command on the run tool.

  • open the run tool with your windows searches or press ” Win + R “ shortcut keys.
  • Now type this command ” taskmgr “ in the Run dialog box.
open run tool windows in 10

4) Open Task Manager with Command Prompt.

  • Go to the windows search bar and search ” Command Prompt “.
  • And you have an interface with a black and white page. Just type ” taskmgr” and press Enter.
open task manager windows in 10
  • Now all are okay.You have task manager table.

Can’t open task manger in windows 10

Didn’t all of the above work by opening your task manager? Here are the reasons:

  • Disabled task manager from your administrator.

This is often the main reason why the task manager is not open.

“Task Manager has been disabled by your Administrator”Did you receive the pop-up message you followed the above steps?. Just go to your administrator option and Enabled it.

If that’s not your problem, you can Compare it with other reasons.


End You learn about How to Open Task Manager In Windows 10. You can improve many more tips and tricks knowledge by staying with us. If your rate this article is useful for others, you can share it to educate more friends. Thank you.

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