How to turn off autoplay on Facebook? [step by step].

Facebook Is one of the main social media we will all use. This can cause various problems for certain people. One problem was identified as “how to turn off autoplay on Facebook“. If you use Facebook in your browser or application, you can disable autoplay videos using the Settings menu at the top of the menu. Today we write this article for you.

How to switch off autoplay facebook videos on android?

If you are an android mobile user. you can follow those easy steps.

  • Go to the menu option in your Facebook application.
  • Now you can see the list of the setting and you need to select “Settings & Privacy “ (and go to privacy setting).
  • Now reach out “Media & Contacts” and click “Videos and Photos

founded ” turn off autoplay” feature click and turn off it.

Turn Off Autoplay Facebook Videos in IOS.

Follow the above android methods to turn off autoplay in iOS.Android and IOS don’t make much difference

You have reached the ultimate result by the settings, you want to perform one among the subsequent steps:

  • Wi-Fi Connections Only.
  • Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Connections.
  • Never Autoplay Videos.

‌If you can’t understand you can watch this video.

How To Turn Off Autoplay On Facebook Desktop?

There are 2 types of Facebook that are used in the desktop.

  1. New Facebook
  2. Classic Facebook

Both modes allow for easy switching.

If you are using New Facebook follow those steps.

  • Click the arrow icon at the top of the screen in the right corner.
  • Therefor click “Settings & Privacy” and just an aging tap setting.
  • Now you have the setting menu in the left sidebar and scroll down the bottom of the settings menu. ( you will see videos)
  • Complete all steps, Select “Videos” Now you can see “autoplay videos”click it and turn off autoplay videos on Facebook.

Are you using Classic Facebook, to follow the steps?

  • Click arrow icon and tap “settings”.
  • At the bottom of the settings menu, press “Videos“.
  • Turn off it by clicking Automatic Videos.

We are not including the photos in this paragraph because you can get an idea of new Facebook version settings.

‌Can we enable the autoplay videos to feature again?

Yes, you can do anytime. the way to do it? you need to do repeat the previous procedure. Now you can enable it.


Therefore, would You learned about disabling autoplay videos from FB in you’re mobiles and desktop. You can learn many tips and tricks by staying with us. If you find this article useful, you can leave a comment section and share it to educate more friends. Thank you.

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