How to find draft on twitter? within [2 min] Guide

How to find a draft on Twitter. There are many social media platforms in the world today. This is a huge social network, famous people around the world But some peoples finding some settings and hiding features on twitter like many people ask where is my draft on twitter, How to get my drafts post in twitter iPhone. Today I will write this article for you.

How to find your draft tweet on iPhone?

Continue your previous tweet. You can post 140 characters per tweet and you write a new tweet and stoped it not complete then where will twitter draft has gone. This will save your draft tweet to your last activity.

  • first of all, you need to tap and open your twitter application. Then press the blue circle with the bird feather.
how to find drafts on twitter
  • Now you have the interface for posting a new tweet, and you can see a draft button at the top of the right corner.

how to find drafts on twitter
  • Then you can see all the drafts that you previously saved. So select you to need draft posts to edit it.

how to find drafts on twitter

Why Twitter Draft Section Is Empty?

If Your tweet is canceled, it does not autosave as a draft, and incomplete entries are not saved in the Twitter Draft section. So make sure to save it before canceling the post.

How To save as a draft,

  • Continue the post and tap the Cancel button at the top of the page. Then click on Save Draft.
how to find drafts on twitter

How To Delete An Old Draft Post On Twitter?

  • To access your Draft Tweets, tap on the Draft Icon (lower right corner shows the number of drafts currently saved).
  • Then tap the body of a draft to make it the current active tweet and click the cancel button To delete draft posts.
how to find drafts on twitter

where are twitter drafts on the PC?

It’s couldn’t find. This effect added only mobile applications.

what is the reason?

It’s because the drafts are saved in the primary memory by using the Twitter application.

Some Usable Twitter Shortcut’s

N = New tweet
T = Retweet
J = Next tweet
K = Previous tweet


In this article, you learned how to find drafts on Twitter. Please help someone else. If you think you can, share it with your friends. If you have any questions please let us know through our contact page. Thank you.

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