How To Enable Dark Mode On Twitter? [Easy Guide]

The Twitter dark mode is popular and especially comfortable for the eyes at night users. People are looking for a darker version of Twitter. Twitter has a dark mode. We can switch anytime to the dark mode in Twitter’s official versions of the Twitter app and on the Twitter desktop site. Today you can learn how to enable dark mode on Twitter. If your iOS android phone has a LED display, this feature will reduce the battery wastage.

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How to enable dark mode on IOS and Android app?

android and IOS app fetuses are no different.let’s follow these steps to enable dark mode on twitter mobile app.

first make sure you have twitter official app

  • Open your twitter application and tap your profile icon in the top left corner.
  • And you have a drop-down menu and select settings & privacy.
  • Now you will see the General category in the setting & privacy setting.
How to enable dark mode on twitter
  • Select Display & sound.
How to enable dark mode on twitter
  • Okay, just you can see options to enable dark mode.tap on it
  • Now you are in the dark mode settings.

You will see Dark Mode and Auto Mode, below Choose the theme that best suits your eyes

How to enable dark mode on twitter
  • choose lights out and enable the dark mode.dark mode is automatically activated.

How to Enable dark mode in twitter desktop site?

Twitter has a desktop site and you use Twitter most of the time in windows? How to switch to Twitter dark mode for your convenience?

  • first, you need to go to with your internet browser.
  • You have twitter home now. Just select the more in the left sidebar.
  • And you can see settings & privacy click on it.
How to Enable dark mode in twitter
  • Now go to General > Display.
  • You will see the same as mobile application settings

Now you can change the font size, font color, and background color. You can change the background color, default, dim, light out.

The default is – twitter with the white background you are currently using.

Dim is – Dark blue same to black.

lights out – the color is black to remove all background colors.

How to Enable dark mode in twitter
  • Select lights out of this.

How to disable twitter dark mode?

If you are not like dark versions or you are not using twitter app night. you need to disable. Fallow the steps

This should go to General> Display> Background> and you will see where you enable it. tap on again and disable dark mode.

Note: One of the new features of iOS 13 Mobile is that it has like a bulb icon on the left sidebar to enable automatic dark mode fastly.

Why twitter dark mode is not working?

Enabling the dark mode option does not show on the menu

Go to your phone’s settings. Go to the application or apps under settings Now all the ruining apps are displayed on your phone. There you go to the twitter app, stop the force, and clear the data in the app.

Again go into the twitter menu. You will now see the enable dark mode option in the twitter menu.


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